Quantcast Figure F-12.  Metallic Tube

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TM 10-6640-215-13 Instructions: Tube, Metallic.  Make from Tube, Metallic, P/N ASTM-A629, cut to length using a Tube Cutter, NSN 5110-00-288-6520. Figure F-12.  Metallic Tube. Instructions: Tubing. For: 13226E6661-249, Make from Tubing, Non-Metallic, P/N PPB-64-0500, cut to length.  TYGON-S-50-HL, Make from Tubing, Plastic, P/N 54005, cut to length using a Hacksaw, NSN 5110-00-289-9657. Figure F-13.  Non-Metallic Tubing. Instructions: Wire, Spring Steel.  Make from Wire, Spring Steel, P/N ASTM-A313, cut to length using Shears, NSN 5110-00-221-1085. Figure F-14.  Wire. F-7/( F-8 blank)


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