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TM 10-6640-215-13 APPENDIX F. ILLUSTRATED LIST OF MANUFACTURED ITEMS F-1. INTRODUCTION This   appendix   includes   complete   instructions   for   making   items   authorized   to   be   manufactured   or   fabricated   at organizational maintenance. A   part   number   index   in   alphanumeric   order   is   provided   for   cross-referencing   the   part   number   of   the   item   to   be manufactured to the figure which covers fabrication criteria. All bulk materials needed for manufacture of an item are listed by part number or specification number on the illustration. F-2. MANUFACTURED ITEMS PART NUMBER INDEX Table F-1. Part Number Index Part Number Description Figure ASTM-B209 Aluminum Filler F-1 13226E6364-24 Chain F-2 13226E6478-22 Chromium Nickel Steel F-3 13219E1801-2 Conduit F-4 13219E1801-3 Conduit, Flexible F-4 US1-2 Conduit, Metal, Flexi F-4 13226E6740-14 Conduit, Metal, Flexi F-4 13226E6626-3 Gasket, Rubber F-5 13226E6661-413 Hose F-6 EB-43-0250 Nonmetallic Tubing F-6 13226E6661-32 Nonmetallic Tube F-6 7193 Hose, Rubber F-6 13226E6661-242 Hose, Vacuum F-7 13226E6709-004 Pad F-8 13226E6661-429 Pipe F-9 13226E6763-33 Rubber, Cellular F-10 13226E6786-12 Rubber, Cellular F-10 13226E6786-27 Rubber, Cellular F-10 13226E6786-30 Rubber, Cellular F-10 13226E6786-31 Rubber, Cellular F-10 13226E6786-32 Rubber, Cellular F-10 13226E6786-33 Rubber, Cellular F-10 Table F-1. Part Number Index (Cont'd) F-1


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