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TM 10-6640-215-13 1-14.     FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION OF PETROLEUM LABORATORY UNIQUE EQUIPMENT - continued. x. Low Pressure Boiler (Steam Generator).  The low pressure boiler is located in the mechanical room, on the left side  as  you  enter  the  compartment.    It  operates  on  208V,  60Hz,  3-phase  power  supplied  by  A15CB5  located  in POWER  PANEL  NO.  2.   The  low  pressure  steam  boiler  is  used  to  preheat  water  from  the  water  tank  for  the  high pressure steam boiler which is used with the gum bath.  The low pressure steam boiler has its own circulator pump which can be used to draw water form the water tank, or external water supply; if tank or external water supply is under pressure, circulator pump need not be turned on.  The boiler is equipped with an automatic water fill system and sightglass.  The automatic water feeder system will automatically fill the boiler to proper level and shut off water via  an  internal  float  valve.    The  low  pressure  boiler  also  contains  a  pressure  gage,  pressure  cutoff  switch  and  a pressure release valve to protect the boiler from damage if boiler pressure is too high, or water level is too low. y. Fume  Hood.    The  fume  hood  is  built  into  the  front  wall  of  the  laboratory  to  the  left  of  the  gum  bath.    The exhaust  blower  and  the  light  are  activated  by  switches  located  on  the  left  side  wall  near  the  icemaker.    The  fume hood  incorporates  two  vapor  proof  electrical  receptacles.  The  glass  window  moves  vertically  for  access  to  the interior.  Four stopcocks in the unit provide capability for the use of water supply, water return, air and vacuum.  The fume  hood  protects  the  operator  from  toxic,  corrosive,  poisonous,  explosive,  radioactive,  odoriferous,  and  other harmful and dangerous materials.  It provides an area in which solids can be crystallized by controlled evaporation, and in which heat and steam can be exhausted. z. Ice Maker (Freezer).  The ice maker is mounted into the front wall of the laboratory compartment to the left of the fume hood.  It operates on 11OV, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB8 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  It is a plug-in-type freezer unit. aa. Water Detector Kit.  The water detector kit is contained in a carrying case and is stored in laboratory cabinets. It operates on power supplied by either an external battery, an internal rechargeable battery, or 110V, 60Hz, single- phase power.  It is used for ASTM test D-3240-75 measures the amount of undissolved water in kerosene-type jet fuels.  It can be used on other fluids by following the proper procedures. ab. Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus.  The cloud and pour point chamber is stored in the laboratory cabinets.  It is designed to comply with the requirements specified in ASTM Method D-97.  The assembly of four jackets may be raised or lowered on the rod support to vary depth of jackets in the cooling medium (dry ice and acetone; dry ice and alcohol), according to the standard test procedure.  The bath is equipped with a drain plug near the bottom, and a cover provided with openings to admit passage of test jars and thermometers.  Both bath and cover are fitted with handles.  The test apparatus includes four ASTM high-range thermometers and drilled cork stoppers. ac. Grease Dropping Point Apparatus.  The dropping point apparatus is stored in the laboratory cabinets.  It is used for ASTM test D-566.  It performs dropping point determinations for quality control and classification of lubricating greases  and  is  equipped  with  400-ml  oil  bath,  1/40  hp  stirrer,  heater  and  dropping  point  assembly.    It  includes  a chromium plated grease cup, test tube with cup support indentations, thermometer depth gauge, polished metal rod and cork ring guide.  The bath rests on a 550W stepless control heater with reference dial and refractory top plate.  It has a temperature range from ambient to 350°F (177°C) and a heater range from 0 to 550W. 1-34


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