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TM 10-6640-215-13 1-14.     FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION OF PETROLEUM LABORATORY UNIQUE EQUIPMENT - continued. r. Gas Alarm System.  The  gas alarm system consists of a main control unit (cabinet assembly) and two remote detector  assemblies.    The  main  control  unit  is  wall  mounted  on  the  roadside  and  connects  electrically  to  the  two detector assemblies.  The system operates on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by AICB22 located in the MAIN  POWER  PANEL.  The  main  control  unit  supplies  5.5  NVDC  to  the  detectors.    The  alarm  is  calibrated  for propane and has a setting of 20 to 40 percent of the lower explosive limit (lel) of gasoline.  An indicating meter in the control unit shows the concentration being monitored and adjustable dual-level alarm circuits are triggered whenever a concentration exceeds the lel.  The alarm alerts personnel of combustible mixtures that could cause explosions or cause fires, and automatically activates the air purge system. s. Separometer.  The separometer provides a quick, portable means for field and laboratory use to rate the ability of  aviation  turbine  fuels  to  release  entrained  or  emulsified  water  "when  passed  through  fiberglass  coalescence material.  The test provides a measure of surface active materials in aviation turbine fuels, which are known to affect the  ability  of  filter  separators  to  separate  free  water  from  fuel.    The  apparatus  is  a  portable  self-contained  unit operating on an internal rechargeable battery.  The unit may be operated at sites where no AC power is available or it may also be operated while connected to an AC power line. t. Anti-Icing Additive Testing Kit.  This apparatus is contained in a carrying case and is stored in the laboratory cabinets.    It  consists  of  a  hand  held,  direct  reading  refractometer,  support  base  rod  and  ring,  separatory  funnel, graduated cylinder, aluminum dishes,, piston pipets, and a polypropylene bottle.  It is used to determine the percent volume of anti-icing additive in jet turbine engine fuels. u. Sampling and Gaging Kit.  The sampling and gaging kit is used to perform ASTM tests D-270, D-287, D-1085, D-1086,  D-1250,  and  D-1298.    It  is  a  portable  petroleum  testing  kit  which  is  stored  in  the  laboratory  cabinets.    It consists of the carrying case, shoulder strap, gravity computer, cupcase thermometer, hydrometer cylinder, gasoline indicating paste, water indicating paste, image tape and bob, weighted beaker sampler, and standard hydrometers. v. Gum  Bath.    The  gum  bath  is  used  in  ASTM  test  D-381.    It  is  used  to  determine  the  existent  gum  in  motor gasoline, aviation gasoline and turbine fuels.  The bath is mounted on the front wall curbside.  It operates on 11OV, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB18 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  There is a thermometer well provided in the center of the bath to accommodate a thermometer with a temperature range of 20 to 7600F (-5 to 4000C).  An  indicating  and  controlling  pyrometer,  and  an  air  flowmeter  and  an  air  regulator  valve.    The  gum  bath utilizes  steam  supplied  from  the  high  pressure  boiler  which  is  located  adjacent  to  the  bath  and  connected  to  it  by appropriate valving and piping. w. High Pressure Boiler (Steam Super Heater).  The high pressure boiler is designed for use in ASTM test D-381. It operates on 11OV, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB19 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  The high pressure boiler is mounted on the front wall curbside to the right of the gum bath.  It is a circulation heater used to raise  the  temperature  of  steam  which  it  receives  from  the  low  pressure  boiler  (steam  generator)  located  in  the mechanical room.  It, in turn, then supplies this super heated steam to the gum bath.  The high pressure boiler is equipped with a thermostatic control which can be set to desired temperatures up to 550°F (288°C).  The auxiliary switch on the gum bath turns the high pressure boiler on or off. 1-33


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