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TM 10-6640-215-13 APPENDIX D.  ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION LIST (AAL) SECTION I.  INTRODUCTION D-1.  SCOPE. This appendix lists additional items you are authorized for the support of the Petroleum Laboratory. D-2.  (GENERAL) This list identifies items that do not have to accompany the Petroleum Laboratory and that do have to be turned in with it.  These items are all authorized to you by CTA, MTOE, TDA, OR JTA. D-3. EXPLANATION OF LISTING. National stock numbers, descriptions, and quantities are provided to help you identify and request the additional items you  require  to  support  this  equipment.    'The  items  are  listed  in  alphabetical  sequence  by  item  name.    If  the  item  you require  differs  between  serial  numbers  of  the  same  model,  effective  serial  numbers  are  shown  in  the  last  line  of  the description.    If  item  required  differs  for  different  models  of  this  equipment,  the  model  is  shown  under  the  "Usable  on" heading in the description column.  These codes are identified as: SECTION II.  ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION ITEMS LIST (1) (2) (3) (4) National Stock Number Description Usable U/I Qty CAGEC and Part Number On Code rqr 6150-00-487-3037 POWER INPUT CABLE EA 1 *U.S.  GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1994 - 555-288/00288 Change 1  D-1/( D-2 blank)


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