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TM 10-6640-215-13 1-14. FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION OF PETROLEUM LABORATORY UNIQUE EQUIPMENT - continued. a duplex-type scale calibrated in inches and tenths on the left side of the tube, pounds and tenths using mercury on the right side.  It is also equipped with high pressure (HP) connection, low pressure (LP) connection, fill plug, drain plug, vent plug, and a zero scale adjustment knob. f. Refrigerator.  The refrigerator is mounted on the curbside of the laboratory.  It operates on 110V, 60Hz, single- phase  power  supplied  from  A1CB6  located  in  the  MAIN  POWER  PANEL.    It  is  designed  and  constructed  for explosion-proof operation.  Components that might create sparks or arcing have been enclosed and insulated against volatile, explosive fumes and gases that might escape from containers stored in its interior or envelope its exterior.  It provides 6.5 cubic feet (0.182 cubic meters) of refrigerated storage. g. Copper  Strip  Corrosion  Bath.    The  copper  strip  corrosion  bath  is  used  to  perform  ASTM  test  D-130.    It  is portable and is stored in the laboratory cabinets.  It requires 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power which is provided from one of the convenience outlets in the laboratory compartment.  It is used to determine relative corrosivity caused by sulfur   compounds   in   petroleum   products.      The   apparatus   consists   of   a   constant   temperature   bath   having   a temperature range from ambient to 221°F+ 1 (105°C+0.5°C), a 750W copper immersion heater, a thermoregulator, a Soxhlet condenser and a constant water level device.  It has a removable top plate and is provided with a test tube rack, test bombs, a thermometer, four rubber stoppers, copper strips, copper strip corrosion standards and has the capacity to hold four bombs. h. Utility  Bath.    The  utility  bath  is  designed  for  ASTM  tests  D-91  and  D-1796.    It  is  stored  in  the  laboratory cabinets.  The bath is a constant temperature general utility bath and is thermostatically controlled.  It operates on IIOV,  60hz,  single-phase  power  supplied  from  a  laboratory  convenience  outlet.    It  is  provided  with  an  adjustable support shelf and thermometer with holder and O-ring. i. Grease Working Machine.  The grease working machine is for ASTM test D-217.  It is hand-operated, portable and stored in the laboratory cabinets.  The machine measures the consistency of lubricating grease by penetration of standard cone. j. Flowmeter Kit.  The flowmeter kit is housed in a carrying case and is stored in the laboratory cabinets.  It is designed   to   accurately   measure   flow   rate   and   permit   calculations   of   the   calibration   curve   without   conducting experimental calibration.  Calibration charts are supplied for air and water.  Correction charts are included for rate observation of gases and liquids other than air or water.  The flowmeter kit consists of four flowmeters and housing with removable stand for countertop use or for support panel mounting. k. Centrifuge.  The centrifuge is mounted in the roadside countertop.  It is used in ASTM tests D-91, D-96, D-483, D-484, D-872, D-875, D-893, D-1019, D-1290, and D-1796.  It operates on 110V, 60 Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB8 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL. It is equipped with a stepless solid-state speed control that provides an  accurate  digital  display  of  the  rotating  head  RPM,  and  uses  automatic  power  assist  braking.    The  cover  is equipped with an electronic safety latch.  The cover cannot be opened if the centrifuge is operating or the line switch is in the OFF position.  Conversely, the centrifuge will not operate if the cover is open. 1-31


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