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TM 10-6640-215-13 SECTION II.  MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION CHART Typewriter, Inspect 0.1 Portable Service 0. Replace 0.1 Kit, No.  B2 Anti- Inspect 0.1 Icing Service 0. 1 Replace 0.1 1 Overpack Box Inspect 0.1 Repair 0.3 Barometer, Inspect 0.1 Aneroid Replace 0.2 SECTION III. TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS (1) REFERENC E CODE (2) MAINTENANC E CATEGORY (3) NOMENCLATURE (4) NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER (NSN) (5) TOOL NUMBER 1 O,F Shop Equipment, Automotive Maintenance and Repair, Unit Maintenance, Common #1 4910-00-754-0654 (19204) SC4910-95-CL-A74 2 OF General Mechanics Tool Kit 5180-00-177-7033 (50980) SC6180-90N26 3 O,F Riveter, Blind Hand 5120-01-289-5310 (10054)NP2 SECTION IV. REMARKS REFERENCE CODE REMARKS A Refer to this equipment's technical manual for testing, calibration, maintenance, repair and replacement parts authorized at the operator, unit, and direct support. levels of maintenance. B Refer to Chapter 4, Section IV for testing and calibration procedures. C Refer to Chapter 3, Section II for testing procedures. (5) TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT REF CODE (3) MAINTENANCE FUNCTION (6) REMARKS CODE (2) COMPONENT/ ASSEMBLY (1) GROUP NO.     C O F H D (4) MAINTENANCE CATEGORY UNIT DS GS DEPOT B-16


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