Quantcast REMOVE/INSTALL SUMP PUMP - continued

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TM 10-6640-215-13 5-14.  REMOVE/INSTALL SUMP PUMP - continued.  | INSTALLATION Install Sump Pump.  See Figure 5-11. a. Install splicing clips on sump pump and switch power cords.  Position sump pump in drain tank. b. Secure switch to retaining bracket with two fiat washers and screws. c. Position retaining bracket on drain tank stand.  Install eight screws, flat washers, lock washers and nuts. d. Install sump pump on retaining bracket with two u-bolts, four flat washers and nuts. e. Position cover over drain tank and connect discharge hose to top of sump pump. f. Connect two electrical leads at wire splices and install heat shrink tubing. g. Connect two strain reliefs to top of cover. h. Install drain trap on sink drain. i. Plug sump pump connectors into receptacle located in cabinet W2. j. Prepare and operate water system using internal water tank as source in accordance with procedures listed in paragraph 2-8. k.    Inspect for leaks and check for proper operation. 5-22


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