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TM 10-6640-215-13 5-14.  REMOVE/INSTALL SUMP PUMP. This task consists of: a.  Removal   b.  Installation INITIAL SET-UP: Tools required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 2) Material Required Lockwashers, (Appendix F) General Safety Instructions WARNING ELECTRICAL SHOCK Before  performing  any  maintenance  actions  on  electrical  equipment,  ensure  all  electrical  power has been turned off.  Death or serious injury may occur from failure to do this. REMOVAL Remove Sump Pump.  See Figure 5-10. a. Unplug sump pump connectors from wall receptacle inside cabinet W2. b. Remove drain trap from sink drain. c. Tag for reconnection, remove heat shrink tubing, and disconnect two electrical leads at wire splices. d Disconnect two electrical strain reliefs from top of cover. e. Lift cover off of drain tank and position so that you have access to components in drain tank. f. Disconnect discharge hose from top of sump pump. g. Remove four nuts, flat washers and u-bolts securing sump pump to retaining bracket. h. Remove eight screws, lock washers, flat washers, nuts and retaining bracket from drain tank stand. i. Remove two screws, flat washers, and switch from retaining bracket. j. Remove sump pump from drain tank.  Remove splicing clip from sump pump and switch power cords. (5-19 blank)/ 5-20


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