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TM 10-6640-215-13 INSTALLATION Install Thermostat and Heating Element.  See Figure 5-9. a.   Slide new O-ring (8) onto heating element (5) and insert heating element into heater. b.   Position bracket (7) and install four hex head bolts (6).  Do not fully tighten bolts.  To get proper seal bolts must be alternately tightened. c.   Close the drain valve located in cabinet U. d.   Open  the  hot  water  faucet  and  turn  on  the  water  pump.    When  water  flows  from  faucet  the  water  heater should be full.  Shut off the hot water faucet. e.   Check for leaks. f.   Repair any leaks that are present. g.   Connect the two leads to the heating element.  Remove tags. h.   Install thermostat (4) and connect two leads.  Remove tags. i. Install plastic thermal protector (3). j.   Position cover panel (2) and secure with metal screw (1). k.   Turn on water heater by setting circuit breaker A1CB17 in the MAIN POWER PANEL to on position. 5-18


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