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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-54. REMOVE/INSTALL WATER LEVEL REGULATOR - continued. REMOVAL Remove Water Level Regulator.  See figure 4-54. a. Position circuit breaker AICB17 to off. b. In the mechanical room, turn off water pump. c. Open cabinet U and drain hot water tank.  Open hot water faucet and drain water piping. d. Disconnect piping unions before and after the regulator. e. Remove two screws, lockwashers, flat washers, nuts, and remove retaining bracket. f. At   junction   box   in   cabinet   U   disconnect   regulator   electrical   leads,   tag   connection   points   in   box   for reconnection. g. Attach line to electrical leads before drawing leads through conduit to facilitate installation. h. Remove  regulator  cap  and  float.    Disconnect  and  remove  conduit  from  regulator  cap,  withdraw  electrical leads from junction box through conduit. i. Remove two threaded pipe adapters from defective regulator. INSTALLATION Install Water Level Regulator.  See figure 4-54. a. Apply teflon tape on male fittings.  Be sure to wrap teflon tape in same direction as pipe thread. b. Install pipe adapters on water level regulator. c. Draw electrical leads through conduit with line previously attached and connect conduit to regulator cap in junction box in cabinet U.  Connect leads as tagged and remove tags. d. Connect water level regulator to system piping.  Connect pipe unions. e. Open water level regulator isolation valves and verify operation. 4-143


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