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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-51. REMOVE/INSTALL THE EXPLOSION PROOF REFRIGERATOR-continued. d. Remove defective refrigerator from beneath countertop. INSTALLATION Install the Explosion Proof Refrigerator.  See figure 4-51. a. Slide new refrigerator in place beneath countertop far enough to plug power cord into convenience outlet. b. Align refrigerator with holes in floor and attach with two mounting screws, lockwashers, and flat washer and tighten in place. c. At Slain Power Panel, place circuit breaker A1CB6 to the ON position. d. Turn refrigerator on and check operation. NOTE For component replacement refer to TM 10-6640-219-13&P. 4-52. REMOVE/INSTALL JET FUEL THERMAL STABILITY TESTER, JFTOT. This task covers:   a. Removal b. Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools Required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 2) Personnel Required Two (2) General Safety Instructions WARNING ELECTRICAL SHOCK Before performing any maintenance actions on electrical equipment, ensure all electrical power has been turned off.  Death or serious injury may occur from failure to do this. PHYSICAL LIFTING Serious  injury  could  occur  if  heavy  equipment  is  moved/lifted  without  sufficient  personnel  to  do  the  job. Use proper physical lifting procedures or use a suitable lifting device or doll).  Wear safety shoes, gloves and other suitable protective clothing. 4-137


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