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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-44.  REMOVE/INSTALL THE RVP TESTING SYSTEM - continued. b. Connect tubing and open air pressure regulator. 2. Install RVP Gage.  See figure 4-43. a. Align new gage with bomb and tighten coupling. b. Align bomb with air manifold and ensure gage handle is firmly engaged with support bracket. 3. Install RVP Test Bomb.  See figure 4-42. a. Place RVP gage on new bomb and tighten coupling. b. Align bomb and liquid chamber in bomb rack and over air manifold. c. Place gage handle on support bracket. d. Tighten outer half of bomb rack with two wing nuts. 4. Install RVP Bath.  See figure 4-41. WARNING Two people are required to remove RVP bath because of its weight.  Failure to comply with this warning could result in serious injury to personnel or damage to equipment. a. Lift new RVP bath into position on countertop.  Plug bath into convenience outlet and lower into place. b. Align bath on countertop mount and attach with four mounting screws.  Tighten in place. c. Connect RVP bath drain with hose clamp. d. At Main Power Panel place circuit breaker A1CB16 to the ON position. e. Run an operational check to test new RVP bath system. 4-121


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