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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-44.  REMOVE/INSTALL THE RVP TESTING SYSTEM - continued. d. Remove four mounting screws. WARNING Two people are required to remove RVP bath because of its weight.  Failure to comply with this warning could result in serious injury to personnel or damage to equipment. e. Lift defective RVP bath up from cabinet until it clears the countertop. NOTE For component removal refer to TM 10-6640-226-13&P. 2. Remove RVP Test Bomb.  See figure 4-42. a. Loosen two wing nuts and remove bomb from support rack. b. Grasp gage support handle and lift bomb clear of air manifold.  Lift liquid chamber clear of air manifold. c. Loosen RVP gage coupling and remove gage from defective bomb. 3. Remove RVP Gage.  See figure 4-43. a. Grasp gage handle and lift defective gage and bomb free from bracket. b. Loosen gage coupling until gage is free from bomb. 4. Remove Manometer.  See figure 4-44. WARNING Never handle mercury with bare hands; never heat mercury in an open container; and never shake more than 20 milliliters of mercury in a glass container. a. Turn the air pressure regulator OFF. b. Remove air line tubing from manometer. c. Remove three mounting screws and six flat washers.  Remove defective manometer. INSTALLATION 1. Install the Manometer.  See figure 4-44. a. Align new manometer with wall mounts and attach with three screws and six flat washers. 4-117


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