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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-41.  REMOVE/INSTALL CABINETS, STOOL STORAGE BRACKET AND LOCKERS. This task covers: a. Removal b. Installation INITIAL SETUP Tools Required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 2) Pipe Wrench, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 1 ) Materials/Parts Required Lockwashers, (Appendix F) REMOVAL 1.  Remove Latch, Lock, and Hinge From Storage Cabinet.  See figure 4-34. a.   Remove screw, star washer, and latch. b.   Remove screw and retaining clip from lock and remove defective lock from cabinet. c.   Remove two screws from cabinet. d.   Remove three screws attaching hinge to door and remove defective hinge. 2.  Remove The Stainless Steel Sink.  See figure 4-35. a.   Loosen coupling at sink trap and move trap. b.   Pop the form fitted sink free and remove the defective sink. c.   Remove drain pipe from sink and retain for reuse. 3.  Remove The Steel Storage Locker.  See figure 4-36. a.   Remove two screws, flat washers, and nuts from each of the four locker legs. b.   Remove defective locker from foundation. 4.  Remove The Desiccating Cabinet.  See figure 4-37. a.   Remove two nuts, lockwashers, and flat washers from mounting bracket. b.   Remove defective desiccating cabinet from the support shelf. 4-104


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