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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-40.  REMOVE/INSTALL GAS ALARM SYSTEM- continued. e.   Connect tagged terminal wires and tighten terminal screws.  Remove tags. f. Carefully install circuit board. g.   Tighten the conduit nuts. h.   Close panel and tighten captive screw. i. Close and latch cover. 2.  Install Gas Alarm Detector Element.  See figure 4-33. a.   Plug new detector element into detector body. b.   Carefully screw shield assembly over detector element ending with setscrew up. c.   Tighten setscrew on shield assembly. d.   For calibration procedure, refer to TM 10-6665-297-13&P. 3.  Install Gas Alarm Buzzer.  See figure 4-32. a.   Place buzzer injunction box located on roadside wall.  Install with mounting collar. b.   Connect two wires to tapped connection on new buzzer. c.   Place cover plate on junction box and secure with screws. d.   For calibration procedure, refer to TM 10-6665-297-13&P. TEST Test Gas Alarm System. a.   Connect power inlet cable to laboratory.  Turn on electrical power. b.   Depress the alarm test pushbutton located on the control module front panel. c.   Depress reset button to silence alarm. 4-103


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