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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-31.  REMOVE/INSTALL ECU INTAKE DAMPER/MOTOR - continued. INSTALLATION Install ECU Intake Damper.  See figure 4-20. a. Attach linkage to new motor and fasten motor in place on damper mounting plate with two screws, lockwashers, and flat washers. b. Attach motor linkage to damper blade using two screws, flat washers, lockwashers, and nuts.  (If required, drill mounting holes in top damper blade to mount linkage bracket.) c. Draw motor leads through conduit using line previously attached and attach conduit to motor with conduit nut. d. Insert damper and enclosure into plenum and align so that end of conduit with motor lead is inside junction box. Install flat lock nut on conduit and tighten in place. e. Connect motor leads as tagged in junction box and fasten junction box cover in place with two screws. f. Fasten damper and enclosure to plenum using eight screws, flat washers, and nuts. g. Place filter and screen on plenum intake and fasten with eight captive screws. h. Run an operational test to check new damper/motor. NOTE Procedures for removing and replacing the other ECU intake dampers and motors are identical to those outlined in the preceding paragraph. 4-74


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