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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-29.  REPAIR PURGE INTAKE DOORS- continued. d. Attach ball stud receiver and plate to door support. e. Place new door support with hinge attached on purge port door and align hinge rivet holes. f. Attach door support hinge to purge port door. g. Screw new ball stud in place. 4.  Install Purge Door Gasket.  See figure 4-18. a. Ensure all remnants of old gasket and adhesive are removed from door bonding surface and surface is clear. b. Apply adhesive to door bonding surface. c. Align new gasket with bonding surface and firmly attach to door. 5.  Install Purge Door and Hinge.  See figure 4-18. a. Place new hinge on purge port door and align rivet holes. b. Attach hinge to door in five places. c. Place new door with hinge attached and spacer on laboratory wall and fasten to laboratory with three screws and flat washers. d. Rivet door to laboratory in two places. 4-68


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