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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-19.  REMOVE/INSTALL COMPONENTS OF MAIN POWER PANEL- continued. 2. Install 1OOA (A1CB2) Circuit Breaker.  See figure 4-7. a. Attach electrical leads to new circuit breaker and tighten terminal screws. b. Snap new circuit breaker in place on panelboard and attach with three mounting screws. NOTE All remaining circuit breakers are installed as follows. 3. Install Circuit Breaker.  See figure 4-8. a. Attach electrical lead(s) to new circuit breaker and tighten terminal screws. b. Place circuit breaker in panelboard and fasten in place with mounting screw and keeper. 4. Install Terminal Boards.  See figures 4-7 or 4-8. a. Align  new  terminal  board  in  panelboard  and  fasten  in  place  with  screws,  and  washers.  Replace  busbar  if applicable. b. Reconnect all electrical leads. 5. Install Relay A1KI.  See figure 4-8. Align new relay A1K1 pins with socket in panelboard and plug relay into socket. 6. Install Fuses and Fuseholders.  See figure 4-8. a. Solder electrical leads to new fuseholder, align fuseholder in panelboard and attach with mounting screws, and washers. b. Grasp new fuse(s) with fusepuller and insert into fuseholder clips. ASSEMBLY a. Replace circuit breaker cover and attach with six mounting screws. b. Attach outside panelboard cover with six mounting screws. c. Reconnect power input cable from generator to petroleum laboratory. d. Close all circuit breakers in Main Power Panel. e. Connect power input cable, power up generator, turn on equipment and verify operation. 4-42


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