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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-16. REMOVE/INSTALL LIGHT BALLAST. This task covers:   a. Removal b. Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools Required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 2) Materials/Parts Required Lockwashers, (Appendix F) Equipment Condition Power to lights turned OFF by placing AICB9, AICB11, and ABCB13 in the OFF position at Main Power Panel. WARNING ELECTRICAL SHOCK Before  performing  any  maintenance  actions  on  electrical  equipment,  ensure  all  electrical  power has been turned off.  Death or serious injury may occur from failure to do this. REMOVAL Remove Ballast.  See figure 4-5. a. Remove four captive screws and remove diffuser. NOTE There are three ballast, one for each bulb in the light fixture.  Two are located at one end of the fixture  and  one  at  the  opposite  end.    The  single  ballast  may  be  identified  by  the  location  of  the single starter. b. Remove four nuts, lockwashers and remove ballast cover. c. Tag electrical wires for reconnection and disconnect from ballast. NOTE If wires are connected with clinched wire nuts, use pliers with side cutter to disconnect. INSTALLATION Install Ballast.  See figure 4-5. a. Replace new ballast in light fixture and connect electrically using wire nuts. b. Fasten ballast cover in place with four nuts and lock washers. c. Tighten ballast cover nuts. d. Fasten diffuser in place with four captive screws. 4-33


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