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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-12. REMOVE/INSTALL POWER ENTRY PANEL  continued. a. Turn off all equipment. b. Open all circuit breakers located in the Main Power Panel. c. Shut down the generator. d. Disconnect power cable ground wire, telephone cables and electrical cords from power entry panel. e. Remove twenty-one rivets attaching power entry panel to semi-trailer van. f. Remove power entry panel from semi-trailer van far enough to allow leads to be tagged. g. Tag electric leads for reconnection and disconnect electrical leads. h. Remove power entry panel. INSTALLATION Install Power Entry Panel.  See figure 4-2. a. Position new power entry panel in place for connecting electrical leads. b. Attach tagged leads to proper connection points and remove tags. c. Insert power entry panel into wall opening of semi-trailer van and align rivet holes. d. Install twenty-one rivets and attach power entry panel to semi-trailer van. e. Connect power input cable.  See paragraph 4-15. 4-13. REMOVE/INSTALL PROPANE LOCKER VENTS. This task covers:   a. Removal b. Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools Required General Mechanics Tool Kit, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 2) Portable Electric Drill, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 1) Twist Drill Set, (Appendix B, Section III, Item 1) Materials/Parts Required Rivets, (Appendix F) REMOVAL Remove Propane Locker Vents.  See figure 4-3. a. Remove eight rivets that secure propane locker vents to semi-trailer van. b. Remove propane locker vents from semi-trailer van. 4-26


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