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TM 10-6640-215-13 4-11. REPAIR UTILITIES BOX-continued. b. Remove direction valve lever with gasket from utilities box. 4. Remove Utilities Box and Casket. a. Remove gasket. b. Remove remaining fourteen rivets that secure utilities box to semi-trailer van. c. Remove utilities box from semi-trailer van. REPAIR 1. Repair Door Assembly.  See Figure 4-1 a. Remove screw  flat washer, and wave washer from each latch. b. Remove the two latches from door assembly. c. Install replacement latches with wave washers, flat washers, and screws. d. Remove two screws, nuts, lock washers.  flat washers from clamp cover. e. Remove clamp cover from door assembly. f. Install replacement clamp cover with two screws, flat washer, lock washer, and nut. g. Remove two screws, lock washers, flat washers, and latch keeper from rivnut and support. h. Install replacement latch keeper to rivnut and support.  Secure with flat washers, lock washers, and screws. 2. Repair Utilities Box. a. Remove two ball studs from rivnuts in utilities box. b. Install replacement ball studs into rivnuts. INSTALLATION 1. Install Utilities Box and Gasket.  See figure 4-1. a. Position utilities box on semi-trailer van. b. Secure utilities box sides and bottom to semi-trailer van with fourteen rivets. c. Position new gasket on utilities box and fasten in place with adhesive. 4-23


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