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TM 10-6640-215-13 3-9. REMOVE/INSTALL ELECTRIC STILL - continued. INSTALLATION 1. Install the Distilled Water Container. Place new container on supporting shelf and fasten in place with velcro retaining strap. 2. Install the Electric Still. a. Place the new or cleaned still in the retaining ring on the support shelf. b. Plug still's power cord into convenience outlet and place circuit breaker AICB16 in the ON position. c. Run an operational check to test new or cleaned still. 3-10.  REMOVE/INSTALLTYPEWRITER RIBBON. This task consists of: a.   Removal c. Installation b.   Inspect REMOVAL 1. Set ribbon color selector to the white indicator. 2. Depress shift lock key. 3. Remove ribbon spool cover (top cover) by pulling upward. 4. Raise two adjacent type bars simultaneously toward platen until they stay in raised position. 5. Disengage ribbon from ribbon vibrator slots. 6. Open ribbon holding arms and remove both spools. INSTALLATION 1. Position new ribbon spools on right and left spool shafts by opening ribbon holding arms: White portion of ribbon must be towards the bottom. 2. Insert ribbon into ribbon guides. 3. Install ribbon spool cover. 3-28


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