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TM 10-6640-215-13 3-4. REMOVE/INSTALL FLUORESCENT LIGHT FIXTURE LAMP AND STARTER- continued. b. Release lamp retaining clip and rotate defective lamp until lamp prongs are free from slot.  Remove defective lamp. NOTE If center (blackout) lamp is the defective lamp, steps c and d must be performed. c. Loosen two screws and rotate two standoff brackets 90 degrees.  Remove center lamp as described in step b. d. Remove blue filter tube from lamp and retain for reinstallation. 2. Remove Fluorescent Lamp Starter. a. Loosen  four  captive  screws  holding  diffuser  to  lamp  fixture.    Carefully  remove  diffuser  from  light fixture. b. Rotate starter until prongs are free from slots and remove defective starter. INSTALLATION 1. Install Fluorescent Lamp. a. Wrap one layer of 3/4 inch tape on both ends of lamp to extend onto the glass 3/8 inch. b. Insert lamp into blue filter tube. c. Position lamp retaining clips and align new lamp prongs with slots in light assembly. d. Insert new lamp into slots and rotate 90 degrees.  Reposition lamp retaining clips.  For blackout lights, rotate standoff brackets 90 degrees and tighten four screws. e. Install lamp diffuser to lamp fixture with four captive screws. f. Place appropriate circuit breaker in the ON position. NOTE If new lamp is to be installed in the center (blackout lamp) position, install as per steps a through f.  Perform steps c through f for fluorescent. 2. Install Fluorescent Lamp Starter. NOTE It may be necessary to remove adjacent lamp prior to installing starter. 3-17


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