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TM 10-6640-215-13 Table 3-2.  Troubleshooting - continued MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION 13. PURGE SYSTEM CONTINUOUSLY REPEATS PURGE CYCLE. WARNING Do not enter laboratory for at least 10 minutes after door is opened to allow any gas  accumulation  to  be  vented  to  the  atmosphere.    Failure  to  comply  with  this warning could result in death or serious injury. Step 1. Carefully open rear laboratory door. Step 2. Enter laboratory and attempt to reset the gas alarm system. If alarm system will not reset, place generator output switch OFF and call unit maintenance. 14. AIR COMPRESSOR MOTOR FAILS TO RUN WHEN ON/OFF CONTROLLER SWITCH IS ON. Step 1. Check operation of controller ON/OFF switch. Step 2. Check and reset circuit breaker A15CB6 located in POWER PANEL NO.  2. If motor still fails to run, notify unit maintenance. 15. AIR COMPRESSOR MOTOR RUNS BUT FAILS TO DRIVE COMPRESSOR. Check for broken or loose drive belt. Replace or tighten drive belt in accordance with TM 10-4310-392-13&P. 16. AIR COMPRESSOR CONTINUALLY CYCLES ON AND OFF. Step 1. Check system valves for partially open valves. Close all system valves. Step 2. Check operation of air system pressure switch. a. Adjust pressure switch in accordance with TM 10-4310-392-13&P. b. If pressure switch will not adjust properly, notify unit maintenance. Step 3. Check system piping for leaks. If leaks are found, notify unit maintenance. 3-7


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