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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-8. OPERATING PROCEDURES -continued. (g)   Place pump switch at the water pump controller to ON. (h)   Open any existing inlet valve on tank, container, etc.  to be filled. c.     Air  Svstem  Operation.    The  air  compressor  and  accumulator  are  located  in  the  mechanical  room.    The  air compressor is designed to operate through a pressure switch without damaging the air compressor or the piping and valves.  Procedures for energizing and operating the air system follow (refer to Table 2-7 and Figure 2-7). Energizing and Operating the Air System. (1)   Ensure all air supply valves in the petroleum laboratory are closed. (2)   Place circuit breaker A15CB6, located in POWER PANEL NO.  2, to the ON position. (3)   Open one at a time, the drain valves located on the air compressor discharge line and on the bottom of air accumulator.  Drain condensation and close valves. (4)   Start air compressor by setting compressor controller switch to the ON position. (5)   Verify  proper  operation  of  the  compressor  pressure  switch.    Switch  is  set  to  stop  the  compressor  when pressure in accumulator reaches 120 psi and to start the compressor when pressure drops to 60 psi. (6)   To  shut  down  automatic  operation  of  the  compressor,  place  switch  on  controller  to  OFF  position.    Set A15CB6, located in POWER PANEL NO.  2, to the OFF position. d. Vacuum System Operation.  The vacuum pump is located in the mechanical room.  It is mounted on an elevated support  shelf  which  is  attached  to  the  roadside  wall.    The  pump  is  connected  via  piping  to  outlet  valves  located throughout the laboratory compartment.  Procedures for energizing and operating the vacuum system follow (refer to Table 2-8 and Figure 2-8). Energizing and Operating the Vacuum System. (1)   Ensure all vacuum outlet valves are closed. (2)   Ensure oil level falls between the two oil level marks on the vacuum pump oil level observation window. (3)   Place circuit breaker A15CB9, located in POWER PANEL NO.  2, in the ON position. (4)   Open pump intake valve. (5)   Start vacuum pump by setting switch on vacuum pump controller to the START position. 2-54


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