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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II   0019 00 CBC SHELL ASSEMBLY b.    Cut a piece of fiberglass mat (P/N 700062) to size plus 3 inches larger in all directions from the damaged area. c.    Mix epoxy components A and B and apply the mixture (hereinafter referred to as resin) to the sanded area, using a paint brush.  Resin has a workable time of approximately 20 minutes after mixing.          WARNING The resin and acetone (paint remover) must not be allowed to come in contact with sensitive parts of the body.  Blindness could result from direct contact with these materials to the eyes.  In the event of eye exposure, quickly flush the eyes with water and consult a physician.  Use gloves when handling any of these materials.    d.    Apply resin to the fiberglass mat with the brush until the mat is wetted thoroughly. e.    Apply the fiberglass mat to the interior surface of the shell over the damaged area.  The area should be wet with resin. f.   Cut a piece of fiberglass cloth (P/N 700127) to a size 3 inches larger in all directions from the damaged area. g.    Apply the fiberglass cloth over the previously installed fiberglass mat. Use a brush to smooth and   fair  the wet fiberglass mat.  Ensure that any air bubbles are evacuated. h.    Apply resin to the fiberglass cloth.  Allow the resin to air cure for 24 hours.  In low temperature   areas, apply heat, e.g. heat lamp.  (Do not use open flame). i. Cracks or  holes may require filling from the exterior of the shell in addition to the interior repair.    This is accomplished by filling with resin and mat, or epoxy filler. j. After curing, sand the repaired area, using 36, then 120 grit sandpaper.  Wipe clean. k.    Paint with CARC paint MIL-C-46168 (not supplied in kit), color sand (P/N 700500-6) or camouflage pattern (P/N 104269). END OF TASK 0019 00-3


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