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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0014 00 ACCESS PLATE    THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Remove, Replace INITIAL SETUP: Maintenance Level Materials/Parts Unit Screws 10-24, .88 lg; Washers, Tools and Special Tools Flat No. 10; Washers, Lock No. 10; Screwdriver, Philips #2 Nuts 10-24; Screw 6-32, .25 lg; Wrench, 3/8” Socket Access Plate P/N AP40W; Cable Boot P/N 18-4055; Lanyard P/N MS25083-2CC28; Sealing Compound P/N 700145 GENERAL This procedure contains information and instructions to keep CBC access plate assemblies in good working order by removing and replacing damaged parts. REMOVAL 1.    Using Philips screwdriver and wrench (see WP 2100 00, Table 0021 00-2, Item 1), remove screw, nut, and washer (1) holding lanyard (2) to the inside of CBC shell, by loosening nut from inside. 2.    Turn access plate (5) counter-clockwise and remove. 3.    Using Philips screwdriver and wrench, remove additional five screws, nuts and washers (3) from inside CBC on cable boot (4) by loosening nuts from inside.  Two personnel are required.  Remove cable boot. 4.    Remove other end of lanyard from access plate by removing screw.                                   0014 00-1


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