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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0009 00 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES (PMCS) THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: PMCS Procedures INITIAL SETUP: Maintenance Level Operator GENERAL Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) are performed to keep the CBC in good operating condition.  The checks are used to find, correct, or report problems.  Operators are to do the PMCS jobs keeping in mind the following guidelines: Before you begin using the CBC, do Before PMCS. After using the CBC, do After PMCS. If you find something wrong when performing PMCS, fix it if you can, using unit maintenance procedures. The right-hand column of the PMCS table lists conditions that make the CBC not fully mission capable.   Write up the discrepancies not fixed on DA Form 2404 for unit support maintenance.  Further information on how to use this form, see DA PAM 738-750. If tools required to perform PMCS are not listed in WP 0021 00, notify unit maintenance. INSPECTION Look for signs of trouble.  Senses help here.  You can feel, smell, hear, or see many problems that can be eliminated before they get worse.  Inspect to see if items are in good condition.  Are components correctly installed and secured?  Is any damage to the shell or components visible? Are all rubber seals tight and not leaking?  Are all bolts and nuts tightly secured?  Correct any faults or notify unit maintenance. 0009 00-1


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