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TM-10-5411-232-13P Cargo Bed Cover (CBC) M105A2 Trailer Type II NSN 5411-01-467-3185 (Camouflage) NSN 5411-01-479-1925 (SAND) Manual


TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0008 00 TROUBLESHOOTING PROCEDURES GENERAL The troubleshooting procedure consists of a table listing the malfunctions, tests or inspections, and corrective actions required to return the CBC to normal operation.  Perform the steps in the order they appear in each heading in Table 0008 00-1.    Table 0008 00-1.  Troubleshooting Procedures MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION Mounting holes on M105A2 Trailer towed by Army vehicle and holes in CBC   will not align    Inspect holes in CBC   Using a file, gently elongate holes in CBC to match holes in M105A2 Trailer Upper door does not secure Check for bent latch assembly rod Straighten rod.  If not possible, replace latch assembly Door locks stick and handles are hard to move Check for proper lubrication Lubricate all moving parts Water leaks into CBC Inspect door seals Replace defective door seal(s)   Ventilators will not close Check for obstruction such as sand particles, grit or dirt Clean with approved cleaning solution and lubricate moving parts Door gaskets will not seal   Inspect seals around doors for wear Replace defective door seals END OF TASK 0008 00-1/(2 Blank)


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