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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0006 00 OPERATION UNDER USUAL CONDITIONS DECALS AND INSTRUCTION PLATES The following stenciled instructions plus a data plate decal are provided on the CBC:    SUFFOCATION HAZARD.  DOORS MUST REMAIN OPEN WHILE OCCUPIED This instruction is located inside on the upper door of the CBC and serves as a warning.    ELECTRICAL CABLE PORT This instruction is located directly below the access plates, on either side of the CBC.  It indicates that electrical cables may be pushed through the opening when the access plate is removed.    = CBC LIFT ONLY This instruction is located on each upper corner of the CBC indicating where to attach chains or straps for hoisting the CBC. = A data plate decal is permanently affixed to the CBC shell.  It is located on the aft curb side and lists manufacturer, part number, serial number, etc. of the CBC.  See WP 0002 00, Figure 1 for location and Figure 3 below for detailed information. NOMENCLATURE:         CARGO BED COVER (CBC)               TRAILER M105A2 , TYPE II   MFG.  FOR:  U.S. ARMY - [CUSTOMER  NAME] BY:         PLASTICS RESEARCH CORPORATION PART NO.                                     51489-104008 SERIAL NO.        XX-XXXX CONTRACT NO.:     XXXXXX-XX-X-XXXX DATE OF MFG.:            XX XX OUTSIDE  DIMENSIONS:  111.3L X 78.0W X 64.0H NSN:  5411-01-467-3185 TARE WEIGHT:   425  LBS Data Plate 0006 00-2


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