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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0003 00 THEORY OF OPERATION THEORY OF OPERATION The Cargo Bed Cover (CBC) M105A2 Trailer, Type II unit is designed to be mounted on an M105A2 Trailer which is towed by an Army vehicle. Its purpose is to carry and store equipment for use in the field.  The CBC is suitable for worldwide transportation and storage environments, including helicopter airlift when mounted on an M105A2 Trailer.  It is waterproof, vented, CARC painted and secure.  CBCs are painted in either sand color or in a camouflage pattern.  The CBC shell features include a non-skid interior floor and exterior roof, equipment mounting provisions on three walls and the roof panel.  The aft portion of the roof of the trailer is composed of a slanted fiberglass rain hood, which is molded directly onto the roof.    The shell is composite fiberglass, which makes it resistant to the harshest of environments for the life of the CBC.  All attaching hardware is corrosion-resistant. A CBC installation kit containing the required hardware and instructions for mounting is furnished with each CBC. The CBC is mounted on the M105A2 Trailer using eight holes in the side panels which are drilled upon installation with no further modification to the trailer whatsoever. The CBC has two doors, an upper and a lower door, located at the aft end to gain access to the unit.   The doors can be latched together to operate as a single door or operate separately.  An override lock on the inside of upper door allows personnel to exit in case of an emergency. Additional features of the CBC are as follows: = Two 2-way ventilators for air circulation. = Two access plates, one each side, when unscrewed allow cables to be pushed through the cable boot opening for connecting with equipment inside the CBC. When unscrewed, the access plate hangs to the outside supported by a lanyard. = A 24” ladder is stored inside the CBC and held in place by a ratchet strap assembly.  It is used for climbing into the CBC. = Two folding steps, located at the aft end, when extended, provide access to the roof of the CBC.   The steps are spring-loaded. = Two chest handles are located on the roof to grab onto when climbing the steps.   = For lifting the CBC, lifting rings are attached on each corner near the top.   0003 00-1/(2 Blank)


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