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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER  (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0001 00 GENERAL INFORMATION PREPARATION FOR STORAGE AND SHIPMENT. Refer to Work Package 0010 00 for procedures to prepare the CBC for storage and shipment. WARRANTY INFORMATION. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages, including normal wear and tear or misuse.  Warranty for the CBC will be in effect for a period of ten (10) years from the date of sale. NOMENCLATURE CROSS-REFERENCE LIST. Common Name   Official Name CBC Cargo Bed Cover Trailer    M105A2 Trailer LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS. AP Attaching Parts MOS   Military Occupational Specialty A/R As Required MTOE Modified Table of Organization BII Basic Issue Items and Equipment BOI    Basis of Issue NHA Next Higher Assembly CAGEC Commercial and Government Entity NIIN National Item Identification Number Code NSN National Stock Number CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Coating PMCS Preventive Maintenance Checks CBC Cargo Bed Cover and Services COEI Components of End Item P/N Part Number   COML Commercial REF Reference CPC Corrosion Prevention Control RPSTL Repair Parts and Special Tools List CTA Common Table of Allowance SMR Source, Maintenance and EIR Equipment Improvement Recoverability Recommendation TMDE Test Measurement and Diagnostic EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Equipment FGC Functional Group Code UOC Usable on Code HCI Hardness Critical Item UUT Unit Under Test MAC Maintenance Allocation Chart SAFETY, CARE AND HANDLING. Always pay attention to Warnings, Cautions and Notes appearing throughout the manual.  They will appear prior to applicable procedures.  Ensure you read and understand their content to prevent serious injury to yourself and others, or damage to equipment. = Safety shoes, gloves and eyewear are required to protect personnel when installing and lifting the CBC. = The CBC lifting device should be within the annual inspection period and the CBC weight should be within the lifting device weight capacity of 1 ton minimum.    = No one should be under the suspended CBC, on the vehicle or inside the CBC when the CBC is being loaded. 0001 00-2


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