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TM 10-5411-232-13&P GLOSSARY Term Definition 2-Way Ventilator Provides air circulation within the cargo bed cover. Access Plate When opened, allows electrical cables to be pushed through the opening to power equipment inside the cargo bed cover. Cable Boot Opening channel in the cargo bed cover allowing cables to be pushed through and is opened or closed with the access plate. Cargo Bed Cover (CBC) A fiberglass enclosure that is mounted on an M105A2 Trailer   and is used to transport equipment. CBC Shell The cargo bed cover enclosure, including walls, ceiling   and floor. Chest Handle Provides hand grips when climbing to the roof of the cargo bed cover. Curb Side Passenger side of CBC. Folding Step When extended, allows personnel to climb onto the roof of the cargo bed cover. Ladder Used for climbing into the cargo bed cover. Lanyard Flexible strap that holds the access cover in place when it is open. Lifting Ring Used for attaching hoist when lifting cargo bed cover. Lower Door Assembly Provides a larger area to gain access to the cargo bed cover when latched together with the upper door assembly. Rain Hood Slanted portion of roof for deflecting rain. Road Side Driver side of CBC. Upper Door Assembly Allows rear access to the cargo bed cover. GLOSSARY 1/(2 Blank)


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