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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0026 00 EXPENDABLE AND DURABLE ITEMS LIST INTRODUCTION Scope This work package lists expendable and durable items that you will need to operate and maintain the CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 Trailer, TYPE II.  This list is for information only and is not authority to requisition the listed items.  These items are authorized to you by CTA 50-970, Expendable/Durable Items (Except Medical, Class V Repair Parts, and Heraldic Items), or CTA 8-100, Army Medical Department Expendable/Durable Items. Explanations of Columns in the Expendable/Durable Items List Column (1) - Item Number.  This number is assigned to the entry in the list and is referenced in the narrative instructions to identify the item (e.g. “using a brush (WP 0019 00”).    Column (2) - Level.  This column includes the lowest level of maintenance that requires the listed item (C = Operator/Crew). Column (3) - National Stock Number.  This is the NSN assigned to the item which you can use to requisition it.    Column (4) - Item Name, Description, Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE), and Part Number (P/N).  This column provides the other information you need to identify the item. Column (5) - Unit of Measure (U/M). This code shows the physical measurement or count of an item, such as gallon, dozen, gross, etc.   EXPENDABLE AND DURABLE ITEMS LIST   Table 0026 00-1.  Expendable and Durable Items List (1) ITEM   NUMBER (2) LEVEL (3) NATIONAL STOCK   NUMBER (4) ITEM NAME, DESCRIPTION, CAGE, PART NUMBER (5) U/M 1 C 6810-00-201-0906 Alcohol, denatured Grade III, 16 ounce bottle (81348) O-E-760 BT 2 C Grease, Mobilux EP023 QT 3 C Soap 4 C 8020-00-224-8024 Brush, artist, MTL, ferrule, round tapered point. Type I, camel hair (81348) H-B-118 EA 5 C Sealing Compound QT 6 C Paint, sand color (51489) P/N 700500-6 GL 7 C Paint, camouflage pattern (51489) P/N 104269 GL 0026 00-1/(2 Blank)


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