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TM   10-4930-251-12&P d.   Hold downAssembly_consistsoftwo tank mountingangles,   four end angle brackets,two adapte:rclamp assemblies,two adaptersockets   and adjustable turnbuckles for securingtank to thetrailer . e. Tankis filledand dispensesthrough the BottomLoading, Valve at bottomof tankand fuel   manifold   at at rearof trailer . Automaticfuel Shut-offduring bottom   loading   refiling.     ControlBox Assernblyis equipped withON/OFFtank valveoperatingIevers_anda fuel   manifoldusedto controlrefillingtank or dispensingliquidproduct operations . 1-7. Location andDescriptionof Major Components . a. The5-ton TrailerM1061A1 (1 Figure 1-1)   isusefor transportingvarious equipment . InI this applicationthe trailerprovides supportfor the  500-gallonfuel tank. b. Tank. Lowprofile 500-gallontank (2, Figure 1- 1)  is usedfortransporting petroleumproductsand dispensingthose products. c. TheSkids (9, Figure 1-2)are usedto stabilizeandMount tile   Tank UnitAssembly .    d. Manhole Cover . Cover ( 10, Figure1-2)can be openedif    the tankis to befilledthroughthe manhole. e.Control  Box Assembly.The  Control Box  Assembly(4, Figure 1-1    )is  usedto controlgravityforce fuel flow duringrefillingtank and liquiddispensingoperations . Only one lever  will   be connected/Usedin this application . f. Manual Cable . The Manual  Cable(5, Figure 1-2)transfersthe   motion of the operatingleverto operatethe tank bottomloadingvalve (3, Figure1-2)on the   tank( 1. Figure1-2) . g. Bottom LoadingValves.     The fueltank  is equippedwitha bottomloadingvalve (3, Figure1-2).The unit is equippedwitha fuel manifold(3),    Figure 1-1  ) ontherearof the   trailer . Refilledthrough either the bottom loadingvalve (5, Figure 1- 1   ),orbottomloadingport (6, Figure1-1- )    attheFuelManifold(3, Figure 1-1) - I ) andthetank bottornloadingvalve (3), FI"Lire1-2).As the tankis beingrefilledall three willopen  automatically when  fuel pressureis applied.    Thetank bottomloadingvalve (3, Figure 1-2)closes automaticallyby the jet  levelsensorwhen the tank is full.    Theothersare    closed  whenrefilling fuel pressure  is released.         h. Grounding Rod .The  groundingrod   (7, Figure 1- 1 )   ispre-attachedto  the tankby   a strap i. Hose andDispensingNozzle . Transfer Hose(10, Figure 1- 1 ) (8,Figure1-2)connectsat one endto the   tank bottomloadingvalve (3, Figure1-2).the otherendto the    dispensingunitsfuel manifold . Dispensing Hose (11. Figure 1-1 )    and nozzle (9) are stowed, as shown, when not conducting dispensing operations. j. Tool Boxes . The    Tool Boxes(8. Figure  1-1  )  providestoragearea for accessoriesand/ortools. 1-2


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