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TM    10-4930-251-12&P CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Section  I.   GENERAL INFORMATION 1-1.   Scope. Thisis an operator and unit Maintenance level manual. Including Repair Partsand Special Tools   List.  This  manual  Supports  the trailer   Mounted   Low  Profile   500-gallon   liquid   dispensing   tank  unit, which   is  aportable   storage  tank  used for  transporting     and dispensingliquid petroleum products . 1-2. Maintenance Forms    and   Records.    Department    of the   Army.   forms   and  procedures   used  for equipment maintenance willbe  those  prescribed   by   DA   PAM   738 750,   The  Army Maintenance Management _Systern( TAMMS) . 1-3. ReportingEquipment   ImprovementRecommendations(EIRS). If yourunit needsimprovement. let us  know . Send us an EIR.You,   the user,are the  onlyone who  can    tell   us whatyou do not like  aboutour equipment . Let us     knowwhat\     you do not like  the    design,put it ona SF368(QualityDeficiency Report). Mail it to Commander . U.S. Army  Tank-Automotiveand ArmamentsCommand, ATTN: AMSTA-TR-F/MPA,Warren, Mi. 48397-5000 . A replywill be mailedto you.1-4. Destructionof ArmyMaterielto PreventEnemy Use. Referto TM750-244-3 . Procedures  for Destruction of equipment  to PreventEnemy Use. 1-5. AdministrativeStorage of Equipment . a. Placementof equipmentin administrativestorage should be for shortperiodsof tirnewhena shortage of maintenanceeffort exists. Items Shouldbe in missionreadinesswithin 24 hoursor timefactors as determinedbv the directingauthority.   During the storageperiod appropriatemaintenance records will be kept. b. Beforeplacing   equipmentin administrativestorage, current preventivemaintenancechecks and services should be completed,shortcomingsand deficienciesshould be corrected,and all existingmodification work ordersshould  be applied . c. Storagesite selection . Inside storageis preferredfor itemsselectedfor administrativestorage. If aninside storagefacility is notavailable,any typeor stylecontaineris suitableprovidingit givescompleteshelter from the elements . d. Referto Chapter4. SectionVI, paragraph4-16 For proceduresto moveequipmentto a   new worksite . Section II.EQUIPMENTDESCRIPTION 1-6. Equipment Characteristics,Capabilities and Features . a. Portablestorage 500-gallontank, equippedwith skids,used for transportingand storingliquid petroleum products. Tank assemblyis weldedand fabricatedfrom aluminum . b. ModifiedM1061A1     seriestrailer   used to transportvarious equipment . c. Liftingeyes on topof tankfacilitatesloading onto the trailer . 1-1


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