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TM    10-4930-251-12&P Section   VI.     PREPARATION FOR   MOVEMENT OR  STORAGE 4-17 Dismantling for   Movement. a. Short    Distance     Movement. ( 1)     Traller mounted     unit.   Attach     a towing     vehicle    to  the   trailer    and  tow   trailer    to   new location. (2) Unit   without     trailer.     Move    the  tank   unit   to  the  new   worksite with    a forklift or vehicle.  Provide    suitable     blocking and   tie-downs to  prevent    the   equipment from    shifting. b.     Long    Distance     Movement. (  1) Provide suitable container for   the  tank    unit. Refer   to   TM 38-230-1     for   instructions for   container fabrication. (2) Provide suitable blocking and   tie-downs to   prevent the   unit    from shifting during, transport. 4-18 Reinstallation After Movement. Reinstall the   tank   after    movement to   a new    work site as  instructed in   paragraph 4-10. 4-19 Short Term Storage. a. Drain fuel    from    tank,    lines    and   manifold. b. Store loose   components and   equipment in  storage boxes. c. Secure    grounding rod   and   dipstick with straps   provided. 4-20 Intermediate Storage. Refer    to   the   following documents for   information relative to storing the   tank   and   other    equipment. a. TM 38-230-1 Preservation and   Packing of   Military Equipment. b. AR    750-1 Army Material Maintenance Policy and   Retail Maintenance Operations. 4-21 Administrative Storage. Administrative storage    is  discussed in  paragraph 1-6. 4-22 Other Maintenance Procedures. Other maintenance procedures not   covered in  this technical manual for   related equipment can   be  found in  TM 10-4930-236-13&P 4-27/(4-28 blank)


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