Quantcast Figure 4-19    Dry  Disconnect Coupling

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TM  10-4930-251-12&P 6 5 4 3 2 Figure 4-19    Dry  Disconnect Coupling 4-15.   StorageBoxMaintenance. Thistask consistsof: a. Inspection b. Repair INITIAL SET-UP Tools   Required General   Mechanics    Tool   Kit   (Appendix B,  Section   III,   Item   2) Materials/Parts Required Dry   Cleaning    Solvent   (Appendix E,  Section   II,   Item   1) Adhesive   (Appendix    E,  Section  II,  Item   8) Rags,  Wiping    (Appendix     E, Section  II,   Item   3) Gasket  Material   (Appendix    G) WARNING Adhesive,   General  Purpose,  MMM-A-23053/5 is toxic   to skin,  eyes and respiratory    tract.   Skin  and  eye  protection    required.   Good   ventilation is normally    adequate. a. Inspection. (1)     Inspect   the  exterior    of  storage  box  (1,  Figure   4-20)   for  dents  or  scratches. (2)     Open  storage  box  door  and  check  for  torn   or  missing   gaskets. b. Repair. (1)     Knock   out  any  minor   dents. (2)   Cut  gaskets  from  bulk   material.   Clean  surface  of  box  with   dry  cleaning   solvent. Apply    adhesive   to  rubber   gasket   and  attach   to  box. 4-25


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