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TM    10-4930-251-12&P 4-14.     Dry   Disconnect    Coupling. This   task  consists   of a.    Disasserriblv b.    Repair c.    Assemblv INITIAL SET-UP Tools   Required General   Mechanics    Tool   Kit  (Appendix B, Section   III,   Item   2) Material/Parts Required Dry  Cleaning    Solvent   (Appendix    E,  Section  II,   Item   1) Rags,  Wiping   (Appendix     E,  Section  II,  Item   3) 0-Ring    Packing  (1 each) (Appendix    F. Figure   F-12,  Itern  4) General   Safety   Instructions WARNING Parts  under   spring   tension   can  cause  injury. Dry  Cleaning   solvent   is potentially dangerous   to personnel   and  property. NOTE The  coupling    is  normally    stowed   in  the  accessory   storage   box. a.    Disassembly. (1)     Remove  drive  pin  (1)  and  lever (2).  SeeFigure  4-19. (2)    Remove stuffing  box  (3),  packing  (4),  packing  (5),  and stem (6). b.   Repair. WARNING Dry   cleaning   solvent,   P-D-680,    used to  clean  parts  is potentially dangerous to  personnel   and  property.    Avoid    repeated   and  prolonged    skin   contact. Do  Not   use  near  open  flarne   or  excessive   heat.  Flash  point   of  solvent is  100 degrees  F  -  138  degrees   F (   38degrees  C  -  59  degrees  C). (1)     Clean  all  metal  surfaces  with   dry  cleaning   solvent  and  dry  thoroughly. (2) Inspect   all  parts  for  damage  or  wear,   and  replace   parts  as  required.    Discard   all mandatory    replacement parts. c.    Assembly. (1) Install   stem  (6).  Place  packings  (4  and  5)  on  stuffing   box  (3)  and  install   box  on stem.   Tighten stuffing box. (2) Position   handle  end  of  lever  (2)  toward   dust  plug  end  of  body   and  install   lever  on stem (6). (3) Install  drive  pin  (1). 4-24


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