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TM   10-4930-251-12&P e.   Installation. (1)    Installhose assernbly(4. FiIgure 4-10) byattaching _   coupling to dispensingfuel manifold at one end and the tank bottom loading  "valve port at the other end. (2) Install  hose assembly  (5,  Figure  4-11 ) at dispensing   unit  fuel   manifold bottom loading    valve   port   for   fuel   dispensing or  stow\  for   use  later. 4-12. Dispensing Nozzle   Maintenance. This  task  consists   of: a. Removal b. Disassembly c. Repair d. Assembly c. Installation INITIAL SET-UP Tools   Required General   Mechanics   Tool   Kit   (Appendix B.  Section   III,   Item  2) Pipe  Wrench   (Appendix B,  Section   III,   Item   4) Materials/Parts Required Dry  Cleaning    Solvent   (Appendix E,  Section   II,  Item   1) Silicone    Compound (Appendlx E,  Section    II,   Item   6) Sealing   Compound    (Appendix E,  Section   II,   Item   7) Rags,  Wiping    (Appendix E.  Section   II,  Item  3) Suitable    container O-Ring    Packing   (1each)  (Appendix F,  Figure   F- 11,  Item  2) Gasket  (1 each)  (Appendix F,  Figure   F- 11, Item  3) Equipment Condition None General    Safety   Instructions WARNING Clean   parts  in  a well   ventilated    area.  Avoid    inhalation of  solvent   fumes and  prolonged    exposure   of  skin   to  cleaning    solvent.    Wash  exposed   skill thoroughly. Dry   cleaning    solvent   used  to  clean   parts   is  potentially dangerous to  personnel   and  property. Do  not  use  open  flame   or  excessive   heat.    Flash  point of   solvent   is    100F. ( 38 C.  to  50 C).   Wear   eye  protection when   blowing solvent   from   parts. WARNING Compressed air  used  for   cleaning purpose   Should   not  exceed   30  PSI. WARNING Silicone    Compound    is toxic    to  the  skin,   eyes  and  respiratory tract. 4-15


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