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TM   10-4930-251-12&P f. Read   all   warnnigs, cautions, notes   and   instructions carefully\ before    operating or  \working_ 4-10. Dispensing Unit    Assembly. This task   covers installation INITIAL SET-UP Tools General Mechanics Tool   Kit,    (Appendix B.   Section Ill. Item   2) Materials Tiedown Kit    for   5  Ton Trailer M1061A1 (Appendix F,  Figure    8).  Quantities are for   single    tank   installation. Storage Box    Assembly (Appendix F,  Figure 9) Trailer Assemby Refer   to  TM   9-2330-376-14&P General Safety Instructions WARNING Warnings, Cautions, Handling Equipment Safety Precautions specified in  technical manuals   and  those   for   the   facility pertaining to specific equipment will be  reviewed and  strictly observed. Failure    to  do so  could result    in  personnel injury or  fatality and/or damage   to   the  equipment. 1. General. These   installation instructions outline procedures and   provide    descriptive illustrations to  install a  single   500-gallon, Liquid Dispensing Tank    Unit, mounted onto   a modified M1061A1, 5-Ton    Trailer. 2. Sequence. It   is  not   necessary    to   follow the   installation procedures in  the   sequence presented, however, it  will be  advantages    to   become    familiar with these   procedures prior    to starting installation so  that  thev    can  be  rearranged,      if   necessary, in  an  efficient sequence. suitable    to   existing facilities. a.     Installation Procedures. NOTE Prior   to  start   of   installation, verify that   all   items    listed   in Appendix F.  Figure F-8   and  Figure F-9   are  actually present. (3) Stowage   Box   Installation. (a) Place   stowage   boxes   (3,  Figure    4-1 )  on  the  two   existing 4-hole    patterns   on  the flatbed trailer ( 1, Figure    4-1 )  (forward, Curbside   and  roadside areas  of  trailer). (b) Attach    boxes  to  flatbed    using   four   bolts   (4)   four   washers   (5).   and  four   nuts  (6) Figure    4-1. 4-7


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