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TM 10-1930-251-12&P CHAPTER  3 OPERATOR     MAINTENANCE     INSTRUCTIONS Section   I.   OPERATOR   LUBRICATION  INSTRI_s’CTIONS 3-l.  General. a. There  are  no  lubrication  requirements  prescribed  for  the  tank  unit. b. Refer to TM  9-2330-376   l-!&P  for lubrication recluirements of the modified M  I06  I A I five-ton,  four  wheel.  trailer  chassis. Section   II.   OPERATOR   TROUBLESHOOTING 3-2.  Introduction. a. This  section  contains  troubleshooting  information  for  locating  and  correcting  most  of  the operating  problems,  which  may  develop  with  the  tank  dispensing  unit.  Table  3-l  lists  the common  malfunctions,  which  you  may  find  durin g  operation  of  the  tank  or  its  components.  Each malfunction  for  an  indib   idual  component,  unit,  or  system  is  followed  by  a  list  of  tests  or inspections  that  will  help  you  determine  probable  causes  and  corrective  actions  to  take.   You should  perform  the  tests,  inspections  and  corrective  actions  in  the  order  listed. b. This  manual  cannot  list  all  the  malfunctions  that  might  occur.  nor  all  the  tests,  or inspections  and  corrective  actions.  If  a  malfunction  is  not  listed  or  is  not  corrected  by  listed corrective  action,  notify  your  supervisor  or  unit  maintenance. Table   3-l.   OPERATOR   TROUBLESHOOTING MALFUNCTION TEST  OR  INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION 1.   UNABLE   TO   BOTTOM   LOAD   TANK. Step   I.   Check  for  adequate  supply  pressure. Notify   supervisor. Step   2.   Bottom   loading   port/valve   obstructed. Disconnect  nozzle  and  check  port/valve  for  foreign  material. Step   3. If  problem  still  exists: Refer   to   Unit   Maintenance. 3-1


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