Quantcast Operation    in    Rainy    or    Humid    Conditions

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T  M    10-4930-251-12&P Section    I\‘.    OPERATION    IrNDER UNUSliAL   C’ONDITIONS 2-    13.    Operation    in    Extreme    Cold. The  prwedures    for   operatin,(1    the    Loit   Profile   l.aiih Dispensing  Unit   are  the  same   as  iincler      i~sual    conditiollr    except  for   tlie  hIlo\\    iilg  special precautions. WARNING Shin  Inay   sticii   to  metal  in  cold  conditions. Do  not  touch  metal  parts   \citli   bare  skin  during  cold  \kcatlier a Check  all  couplingjoints and  drain  hater    iiiorc    tiqiieiitly tliail   i~sual   and at  each    slitit  cl~~wi~ to  avoid   freeLing. b. Provide  shelter  to  prevent   sno\v  or  ice  from   enterin,(7  unit    \\iien     opened   during   servicing c. If  possible  provide  a  heated  shelter. 2-14.     Operation     in     Extreme     Heat. The  procedures  for  operating    the   Low   Profile   Tank Dispensing  Unit  are  the  same  as   lmder  usual  conditions  except  for  the  following  special precautions. a. Locate  dispensing  unit  in  shaded  area,  where  possible,  and  wet  down  the  tank   with   wntcr    to reduce  heat. 2-15. Operation    in    Dusty    or    Sandy    Areas. The   procedures   for   operating   the   Low   Profile Tank  Dispensing  Unit  are  the  same  as  under  usual  conditions  except  for   tile   following  special precautions. a. Take  advantage  of  natural  barriers  when  possible,  or,  if  necessary.  erect  artificial  barriers  to protect   unit   from  blowing  dust  and  sand. b. Clean  the  dispensing  unit  with  an  approved  cleaning  solvent,    b(riving     special   attention   to cavities.   corners,   and   partially   exposed   interior   spaces.   Dry   thoroughly.   Keep   tank   and   areas around  the  bottom  loading  valve  and  control  handle  free  from  sand  and  dust. c. Ensure  inlet  plugs  and  outlet  caps  are  installed   when  hoses,  couplings.  and  nozzle  are removed   or   disconnected. 2-16. Operation    in    Rainy    or    Humid    Conditions. The  procedures  for  operating  the   Lo\\; Profile  Tank  Dispensing  Unit  are  the  same  as  under  usual  conditions  except  for  the  following special   precautions. a. Water  must  be  drained  from  the  tank  more  often  than  normal  conditions. b. Erect  a  shelter  to  prevent  the  entrance  of  rain  into  the  interior  of  the  tank  when  it  is  opened for    servicing. 2-13


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