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SOMARPI 10-3930-665 APPENDIX E UNIT MAINTENANCE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES (PMCS) GENERAL To make sure that your vehicle is ready for operation at all times, inspect it systematically so you can discover any defect and have them corrected before they result in serious damage or failure.  the item number indicates the sequence of minimum inspection requirements.  If you are operating the vehicle and notice something wrong which could damage the  equipment  if  you  continue  operation,  stop  operation  immediately  .    Record  all  deficiencies  and  shortcomings,  along with the corrective action taken, on DA Form 2404.  The Item Number column is the source for the numbers used on the TM Number column on DA  Form 2404. UNIT MAINTENANCE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES 1. The item numbers of the table indicates the sequence of the PMCS.  Perform at the intervals shown below. a. Do your (H) PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE at the hour interval listed. b. Do your ( Q ) PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE quarterly (once every 3 months). 2. If something does not work, troubleshoot it according to the instructions in this manual or notify your supervisor. 3. Always  do  your  preventive  maintenance  in  the  same  order,  so  it  gets  to  be  a  habit.    Once  you  have  had  some practice, you will spot anything wrong in a hurry. 4. If anything looks wrong and you can’t fix it, write it down on your DA Form 2404  If you find something seriously wrong report it to intermediate direct support as soon as possible. C-19


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