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2.2 RELIABILITY, AVAILABILITY, AND MAINTAINABILITY:  Reliability and maintainability will be assessed through the field evaluation of current users Specific numerical RAM  requirements or bjectives are not established. 2.3 MODIFICATION:   Modification   will   be   accomplished   by   the   end   item   manufacturer   after   Belvoir   Research, Development, and Engineering Center (BREDC) acceptance and with TACOM approval. 2.4 EQUIPMENT  INMPROVEMENT  RECOMMENDATIONS  (EIR):  Equipment  Improvement  Recommendations  will be submitted IAW DA PAM 738-750 2.5 SHIPMENT AND STORAGE: a. Refer to TB9-2300-28 1-35 for procedures covering preservation of equipment for shipment.  General procedures for  shipment  are  found  in  FM  55-15  with  more  specific  information  in  TM  55-2200-001-12  for  rail  and  TB  55-45  for  air transport .for instructions covering administrative storage of equipment. b. Administrative Storage: Refer to TM 740-90-1 c. Weight Classification: The weight classification of the end item as delivered by the manufacturer is 575 pounds. 2.6 DESTRUCTION  TO  DENY  ENEMY  USE:  Refer   to   TM   750-244-3   for   instructions   governing   destruction   of equipment to prevent enemy use. 2.7 BASIC ISSUE ITEMS LIST (BIIL): N/A UNIT OF SMR CODE NSN DESCRIPTION MEASURE QTY N/A 2.8 SPECIAL TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMIENT: None 2.9 MAINTENANCE  FORNIS  AND  RECORDS:  Operational,  maintenance  and  historical  forms/records  will  be  IAW the current DA PAM 738-750 2.10. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES: See Appendicies D/E. 2.11 EXPENDABLE/DURABLE  SUPPLIES  AND  MATERIALS  LIST:  See  Appendix  F  for  a  list  of  maintenance  and operating supplies required for initial operation. C-6


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