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SECTION II MAINTENANCE 2.1 MAINTENANCE CONCEPT: a. This  conveyor  will  not  require  special  or  new  maintenance  considerations.    Maintenance  operations  can  be accomplished within the current maintenance concept for Material Handling Equipment. b. Nature and extent of maintenance (1) Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC): Maintenance will be performed as necessary by the category indicated in the MAC (Appendix B) to retain and/or restore serviceability.  Units may exceed  their  authorized  scope  and  functions  in  the MAC when approved by the appropriate commander. (2) Maintenance: (a) Unit   Maintenance:   Is    performed    by    the    operator,    crew    and/or    unit    maintenance    personnel.        It    is characterized by quick turn-around based on repair by replacement and minor repairs.  Inspections by sight and touch of external and other easily accessible components.  Lubrication, cleaning,  preserving  (to  include  painting),  tightening,  and minor adjustments to easily accessible mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. (b) Direct   Support   (DS)   is   characterized   by   one   stop   painting   of   skirts,   fenders,   body   and   hull   sections. Receive,  store  and  issue  Class  IX  supplies.    Evacuation  of  unserviceable  end  items  and  modules  to  designated  repair facilities. (c) General  Support  (GS)  is  characterized  by:  commodity  oriented  platoons  performing  repair  of  components and end items in support of the theater supply system; back-up maintenance support to DS, Job Shop/bay or production line  operations:  diagnosis  and  isolation  of  material,  and  module   malfunctions   to   the   internal   part   level;   adjustment, alignment and repair of materiel and modules as necessary , when authorized; repair of module by replacement of external and  internal  parts;  replacement  of  defective  modules  beyond  the  authorized  capability  of  lower  maintenance  levels; performance of heavy body, hull, turret, and frame repair; collection and classification of unserviceable or abandon Class VII materiel for proper disposition; evacuation of unserviceable, unrepairable materiel through selected disposal channels; fabrication or manufacture of repair parts, assemblies, components, jigs, and fixtures as approved by MACOMS (reference AR 750-1 Chapter 2, Section I, Para 2-1, K). (d)Depot: There is no scheduled depot maintenance on the conveyor belt. c. Maintenance  Expenditure  Limit  (MEL):  The  MEL  is  based  on  a  life  expectancy  of  15  years.    Repair  limits  are based on 5Opercent of replacement cost for the first 10 years and 25 percent for the remaining 5 years (Appendix D). C-5


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