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b. Requests for additional copies of this SOMARPI should be made to: Commander U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command ATTN: AMSTA-MCS Warren, MI 48397-5000 1.7 PERSONNEL AND TRAINING: a. MOS    Requirements:    Qualitative    and    Quantitative    Personnel    Requirements    Information    (QQPRI)    will    be disseminated IAW AR611-1.  The following MOSs can operate and maintain the conveyor; (1) Operator: 71L (2) Unit Maintenance: 63J and 92Y 1.8 LOGISTICS ASSISTANCE (AR700-4): U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command’s Logistic Assistance Representative   stationed   at   CONUS   and   OCONUS   installations   are   available   to   furnish   on-site   training/technical assistance.  Assistance can be obtained by listed in AR700-4. contacting the appropriate Logistics Assistance Office (LAO) 1.9 RECOMMENDING  PUBLICATION  CHANGES:    To  recommend  changes  to  this  publication,  complete  and  mail DA Form 2028 (recommended changes to publications and blank forms) to COMMANDER U.S. ARMY TANK-AUTOMOTIVE COMMAND Warren, MI 48397-5000 C4


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