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SECTION I GENERAL 1.1. PURPOSE:  To   provide   user   and   support   personnel   Supplemental   Operating   and   Repair   Parts   Instructions (SOMARPI) applicable to the conveyor belt manufactured by Highland Engineering 1.2 SCOPE  This  SOMARPI  applies  to  Department  of  the  Army  Units,  Organizations  and  Activities  that  use and/or support the Belt, Conveyor, Electric, Castor Mounted NSN 3910-01-376-0431 1.3 DESCRIPTION: The portable conveyor is a continuous belt type with steel slider plates, electric motor driven , and is used in moving materials horizontally or up an incline.  The conveyor is 19 feet long with a belt width of 18 inches and weighs 575 pounds.  The conveyor frame is aluminum , mounted on four swivel type caster wheels approximately six inches in diameter and two inches wide.  The casters have a foot operated brake.  The controls are a push button start and stop switch at both ends and a emergency stop switch .  The capacity is 45 pounds per linear foot when the conveyor is level and no more than 15 pounds per linear foot when the conveyor is operated at an angle of 30 degrees.  The belt speed is 100 feet per minute. 1.4. OPERATIONAL CONCEPT: This conveyor is used to move small packages and materials short distances in  military  postal  units  or  TDA  activities  .    The  conveyor  can  be  used  level  or  tilted  at  an  angle  up  to  30  degrees.    The conveyor is transportable by air , rail , highway and marine transport modes. 1.5. PROCUREMENT STATUS : The Procurement Contract Number is DAAE07-93-C-0313. 1.6. EQUIPMENT PUBLICATIONS: TM 10-3930-665-1 3&P and SOMARPI 10-3930-665. a. Equipment publications will be DA TM10-3930-665-13 & P, the TM contains operator, repair and repair parts information . NOMENCLATURE PUBLICATION NUMBER DATE SOURCE OF SUPPLY Operation, Maintenance Repair Parts & TM 10-3930-665-13&P Special Tools NONE SOMARPI SOMARPI 10-3930-665 TACOM C-3


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