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TM 10-3930-665-13&P (3) ITEM  Column.    The  item  number  identifies  the  item  associated  with  the  figure  listed  in  the  adjacent  FIG. column.  This item is also identified by the NSN listed on the same line. b. PART NUMBER INDEX Part numbers in this index are listed by part number in ascending alphanumeric sequence (i.e., vertical arrangement of letter and number combination which places the first letter or digit of each group in order A through Z, followed by the numbers 0 through 9, and each following letter or digit in like order). (1) FSCM  Column.    The  Federal  Supply  Code  for  Manufacturer  (FSCM)  is  a  5-digit  numeric  code  used  to identify the manufacturer, distributor, or Government agency, etc., that supplies the item. (2) PART  NUMBER  Column.    Indicates  the  primary  number  used  by  the  manufacturer  (individual,  company, firm,  corporation,  or  Government  activity),  which  controls  the  design  and  characteristics  of  the  item  by  means  of  its engineering drawings, specifications, standards, and inspection requirements to identify an item or range of items. (3) STOCK  NUMBER  Column.    This  column  lists  the  NSN  for  the  associated  part  number  and  manufacturer identified in the PART NUMBER and FSCM columns to the left (4) FIG. Column.   This  column  lists  the  number  of  the  figure  where  the  item  is  identified/located  in  Section  II and Section III. (5) ITEM Column.  The item number is that number assigned to the item as it appears in the figure referenced in the adjacent figure number column. 5.  Special Information.  Use the following subparagraphs as applicable: a. USABLE  ON  CODE.    The  usable  on  code  appears  in  the  lower  left  corner  of  the  Description  column  heading. Usable  on  codes  are  shown  as  “UOC:  ...”  in  the  Description  Column  (justified  left)  on  the  first  line  applicable  item description/nomenclature.  Uncoded items are applicable to all models. b.    FABRICATION  INSTRUCTIONS.    Bulk  materials  required  to  manufacture  items  are  listed  in  the  Bulk  Material Functional Group of this RPSTL.  Part numbers for bulk materials are also referenced in the description column of the line item  entry  for  the  item  to  be  manufactured/fabricated.    Detailed  fabrication  instructions  for  items  source  coded  to  be manufactured or fabricated are found in the applicable maintenance level manual. c.    ASSEMBLY  INSTRUCTIONS.    Detailed  assembly  instructions  for  items  source  coded  to  be  assembled  from component spare/repair parts are found in the applicable maintenance level manual.  Items that make up the assembly are listed immediately following the assembly item entry or reference is made to an applicable figure. d.    KITS.  Line item entries for repair parts kits appear in a group in Section II.  See table of contents. 7


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